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Computer device

The word “computer” means “calculator”, i.e. computing device. The fundamental difference between a computer and other computing devices and calculating devices (abacus, slide rules, adding machines) is that a computer allows complex sequences of computational operations to be performed according to a predetermined sequence (instruction) – program. For data storage, intermediate and final results of […]


Computer science is a complex scientific and technological discipline that studies the most important aspects of the development, design, creation and integration...


Mainly practiced 3 types of consultations. To determine them, it is most convenient to use the definitions from the book by Peter...

Small business management consulting

A specific, but very energetically developing area of ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement consulting is consulting on the management of small businesses. Attracting consultants to small...


In the European directory - an index of management consultants, 84 types of consulting services are currently distinguished, grouped into 8 main...