Analyzing website rankings and recommendations to improve its position

Recommendations to improve its position

By the end of this assignment, you will have identified a website that has poor rankings, and provided specific recommendations for how this website can improve its position within the search results based on analysis of the website, target audience, keywords, and on-page elements.


Part 1a:

Find a website in any industry you like. This assignment may be easier for you if you find a website that isn’t ranking well. This means navigating to the 2nd or 3rd page of results in a search. Identify what you think is an important goal for that website. For example, is this website trying to get people to buy products, download information, leave a review, etc. Cheap flights to Spain & hotels in Spain Aggregator for finding cheap hotels and flights to Spain. Target visitors – people planning a self-guided trip to Spain with a budget price.

Part 1b:

Perform in-depth keyword research for that website. You do not need to contact the business, simply make best guesses based on the content within the website.

Within your keyword research, identify 7-10 keywords which you think provide the best opportunity for the example site to rank for and include the following:

  • Identify long-tail keyword opportunities

Flight and hotel search in Spain

choose the cheapest flight to Spain

best price for a hotel in Spain

Popular flight destinations to Spain

Special fares from airlines in Spain

Search and booking cheap flights and hotels in Spain

  • Identify 3-5 keywords that are question based and match a “how, what, where, or why” search query

How to find a cheap hotel in Spain

Where to find a cheap hotel in Spain

What you need to know about a cheap hotel in Spain

Why book a cheap hotel in Spain

  • Identify what stage of search each keyword belongs to

hotel in Spain – Awareness

cheap hotel in Spain Barcelona – Consideration

booking cheap hotel in Spain Barcelona La Rambla – Decision

  • Identify what type of search query it is – whether it is navigational, transactional, or informational

cheap hotel in Spain – informational

Spain Travel – navigational

booking cheap hotel in Spain Barcelona La Rambla – transactional

Explain why you chose the keywords you did:

  • How do you feel these keywords would help the business meet the goal you discovered?
  • How do you feel these keywords would help draw in organic traffic to the site?
  • How well do you think the business can effectively compete for this keyword?

Potential buyers are looking for cheap hotels in Spain with the ability to compare. The site helps to make a choice.

Part 1c:

Research this businesses’ target audience, based on your best guesses by reviewing the site. Describe the website’s audience in 150 – 250 words. Include:

  • What gender is likely to frequent this site, and perform searches related to this websites products and/or services? Where did you obtain this data?
  • Where is the majority of this audience from? Where did you get this data from and what does this tell us about potential ways we may be able to reach this audience organically? This could be potential content ideas, new information to add to the site, or specific keywords.
  • What are the primary traffic sources for this website? For example, are most people visiting from a desktop device, mobile device, or getting referred from social networks? What useful information can this provide about how we can best reach this audience?
  • Did you obtain any other information about this websites potential target audience you feel would be useful? Why or why not.

The purpose of creating the site was to attract users located in Spain. They make up 70 % of targeted website traffic. Gender and age are not important factors. Users have a limited budget for booking a hotel. Men 77 %, women 23 %. Mobile – 55 %. Mobile devices – Apple 60 %. Social Networks – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

Part 1d:

Create a buyer persona based on your audience analysis and keyword research you performed. Your buyer persona should have a name, job (student or job role), problem they are trying to solve, and other traits that may make it easier to market to this individual.

Buyer persona: Ekaterina, 25-year-old woman, works, learns Spanish. Monthly salary – 1000 euros. Wants to find a cheap hotel in Barcelona.


Part 2a:

Go back to the website you discovered earlier. Choose four key pages of this site. One of these pages should be the homepage. The remaining three pages should be pages you feel are important to drive traffic to.

Part 2b:

Once you have selected your pages, list out the following information, for each page.

  • The Page (Example, home page, product listing, article, etc.)
  • The Page URL
  • The Title Tag of the Page.
  • The Meta Description of the Page
  • The H1 of the Page (if applicable, if no H1 leave a note stating there was no H1)
  • The H2 of the Page (if applicable, if no H2 leave a note stating there was no H2)

Hostal St Christophers Barcelona (Barcelona)

Hotel Barcelona Princess (Barcelona) Flights & Hotels Search ( Hotel Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

Habitaciones disponibles

Part 2c:

Improve the information on each of these pages. Based on your audience analysis, and keyword research create a new:

  • Title Tag (Note: this must meet character requirements laid out in the course)
  • Meta Description (Note: this must meet character requirements laid out in the course)
  • H1 (if none existed previously, create one)
  • H2 (if none existed previously, create one)


Hotel Barcelona Princess

<h1>Barcelona Princess Hotel</h1>

<h2>Rooms available on</h2>

Meta Description:

Hotel is located in 5 km from the city center. You can take a walk and explore the neighbourhood area of the hotel

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