Expected Results

Let me now introduce you to the final assessment of the expected results, part of the marketing plan. So what is the idea? Once again, we’re going to face basically two scenarios, those of you doing the lead case and some others of you probably pursuing your own project or business idea. And in this last part of the marketing plan the idea will be basically defining the spective results. So remember, what we have to do here is define financial, non-financial objectives, customer objectives, and also probably the strategic objectives. Do we need them all? Probably no. It depends pretty much on the type of protocol service that you’re doing or whether you’re doing the case or you’re doing your own project.

Quick summary

Financial objectives, put a sales figure, okay? That is probably going to be in all the marketing plaza we’re going to see in this course. So, define the sales figure. If you’re doing the sound leaf, identify the sales figure there. If you’re doing your own probable service, define what you expect to sell. I don’t know, if you’re deciding to do a website, what you’re going to sell food online, and delivery, you have to define what is going to be my expected sales, number of customers. I mean try, and identify, figures to define the financial objectives. Now financial objectives not always there, but if you decide to put them, try and make them consistent, withe the rest of the marketing plan. So, I don’t know, if you’re doing communication and internet marketing. And you’re doing social media marketing. Probably you need to put some metrics in the expected results that are going to be non-financial to measure that. Then the customer objective attraction, retention very clear and very simple. So, try and define what is going to be your main objective and then define here the metrics that you’re going to use. If it’s attraction or retention or both, and then the last one of course, you’re going to define the target segment and the positioning. So define once again the metric to figure if you’re reaching the target segment that you want to reach and if you are developing or building the positioning that you want to build. One metric for each.

And, finally, the budget. Okay don’t forget to include the budget. A figure where you define the total amount invested in this marketing plan, considering all of the marketing mix elements that you’re proposing, and come up with a figure and try and justify why this figure makes sense, for this marketing brand. With this we’ll finish the assessment of the expected results part of your marketing plan.

Marketing Plan

Welcome to assignment where you will be producing a document that looks at your expected results. Obviously, as this is going to involve the collecting and sorting of data we strongly suggest that you use graphs or charts to display your findings.

This section is where you will publish you’re a financial analysis to support your marketing plan. You should include the following:

Please consider the information below when constructing your assignment and other things you have learned from the material.

1. An itemised budget listing the cost of recommended marketing activities.
2. A forecast of incremental sales.
3. A pro forma that includes the following:
a. Gross sales
b. Selling cost
c. Net sales
d. Less: cost of sales
e. Gross margin
f. Variable costs related to the marketing plan
g. Net contribution

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