Business and Work on the Internet

Business and WorkFirst of all – if you do not want to earn a headache and lose your money – do not take part in programs in which the essence of the work comes down to the following:

  • You need to invest money, and then every day you will receive at *** % of the amount over a certain period of time. This is an example of a financial pyramid – if you start to invest money in it – you will soon realize that the only way to return them somehow is to find people as trusting as you who will invest money on your behalf, and you will be paid the appropriate percentage for it. An example of a financial pyramid: – never take part in such projects, you will lose your money. This is not work on the Internet – it is the equivalent of “MMM” on the Internet.
  • You need to buy some kind of super book or a super program about making money on the Internet, in which the secrets of quick money are written – do not believe it. The book will be a detailed description of how to sell this book to other people, and “earn” them.

Do not take part in such projects! This is not work, but deception of users on the Internet by deceived Internet users. An example of such sites can be – here you have to buy a book for a large amount, moreover, remember – nowhere on the site you will not read about what you need to do to make money. Do not buy the word “Free” – there is very little free in this world, and everything is trapped. So, after buying this book, it will become clear to you that you can “earn” only one way – by selling the same book. And now about how to work at home on the Internet

There are several ways to make real money online. For convenience, I have divided these methods into several groups, depending on what you can do and what you want to do.

Group 1 – work in the Forex market.

Suitable for people who love finance, money and risk. The essence of the work – trading in the international currency market. Forex is a market where currency rates are constantly changing. It is no secret that these courses also depend on news coming from the respective countries of the world. For example, some time ago in France there was a vote for the EU constitution. The constitution was not adopted, respectively, for a few days the Euro fell, the US dollar rose. This is the essence of the work – to predict the exchange rate and sell and buy the necessary currency in a timely manner. For more information about the Forex market – in the relevant section of the site.


Group 2 – earnings on your own site.

This type of earnings is suitable for those who have websites or can do them. For example, the average site traffic gives about $ 500 – $ 1000 per month. Now imagine that you have ten such sites. Not a bad income, is it? Ways you can earn on the site:

  • sale of text advertising on the main page of the site – an average of $ 200 per month.
  • sale of places on the site for banners – impressions and clicks – an average of $ 300 per month.
  • Placement of contextual advertising on the site – an average of $ 300 per month.

The best affiliate programs for earnings on the site you can find on the affiliate programs page.

Buy and Sell text links

Group 3 – additional (small) earnings on the Internet.

Working with programs in this group you will earn about $ 100 per month. It is difficult to call it work, rather, it is additional income, or a way to become familiar with the functioning of money on the Internet. You do not need to do anything here – you will simply browse the sites, and you will be paid a penny for it. Much so you do not earn. But from this it is worth starting your way into the world of Internet earnings: there is no ris, no need to invest money, experience is guaranteed.

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