Web Incubator Digital Marketing Plan

Web Incubator is an enterprise in the field of web technologies to provide quality services to small businesses, start-up entrepreneurs – website development, hosting services, domain registration, promotion and advertising services on the Internet, search for goods, services, partners, creation of a web incubator system.

Standard marketing methods are not very suitable. Offline in this business works extremely poorly due to the fact that the target audience itself is focused on the Internet and is looking for partners there.

The main focus should be on online. The following directions are planned:

  • There is own site web1.info
  • Development of several corporate landing pages and their SEO promotion
  • Launching contextual advertising in the region of interest
  • Launch of a corporate portal dedicated to entrepreneurship, small business, online business, website development and promotion, cybersecurity, online fraud
  • Active work with social networks. Creation of company pages in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube with 100 subscribers each
  • Publications by experts on topical issues in online publications and blogs that specialize in website development and Internet marketing
  • Effective networking: participation in specialized conferences, webinars as a listener and speaker
  • Participation in OBJEKT coworking in Narva
  • Brand Objectives Brand recognition of Web Incubator
  • Creation of logo, graphic design and visual 3D model of the company brand

Most of the work on promotion on the Internet will be done on our own, but you will need a budget for SEO marketing and launching contextual advertising. A total of 1200 euros is planned. 100 euros will be required monthly.

Start-up advertising costs may include the creation of a website, the placement of banners or advertisements on the Internet, the placement of advertisements or articles in the media, direct mailing of promotional brochures or newsletters.

An important advertising tool for a web studio is its own website. An important part of the website of a web design studio is a portfolio of completed work. In this section, you need not only to place links to the sites you have made, but also to ask customers to write their feedback on cooperation with you. Another common way of advertising is placing the name and contact details of the studio on the developed sites. It is also possible to place your banner on the websites of clients and partners free of charge on the basis of an agreement on the mutual exchange of banners.

Placement of banners on paid resources will cost 300 – 1500 euros (per week or for a certain number of impressions) depending on the traffic of the resource. Usually discounts are provided for long-term placement of banners: 5 % – starting from the 5th day of the show, 10 % – starting from the 10th day of the show, and so on. It is also possible to place an advertisement or promotional article in local or regional media.

My clients are currently searching for and getting information about my industry from the following sources using the following keywords

Search in Google search for queries: web studio in Estonia, website development in Estonia, order a company website in Estonia.

When starting a project (the first 12 months) of the business, I planned the following marketing activities

ActivityTarget groupScheduleBudget, €Expected Result
Market researchCompetitors
October 2022100Getting market data
AdvertisingFirms without websitesOctober –
December 2021
300First 3 clients

My marketing activities and monthly budget for them after starting my business

ActivityTarget groupScheduleBudget, €Expected Result
AdvertisingFirms without websites
Sites for renovation
January –
September 2023
9009% of the market
14700 €
Coworking and PREntrepreneurs
Small Business
June –
September 2022
50050 potential clients
Brand buildingEntrepreneurs
Small Business
September –
October 2022
500Brand awareness among 50% of the target group
Sales representativePotential clientsAugust – September 20224004 direct sales

Total budget: 2700 €

Online advertising budget calculation

5 sales per month

CTR (click through rate) = (Clicks / Impressions) * 100 %

CPC (Average Cost Per Click) = Costs / Clicks

The higher the CTR, the lower the CPC

CR (conversion rate)

СR1 = (Number of target actions / Number of visits to the site) * 100 %

CR2 = (Number of paid orders / Number of requests from the site) * 100 %

CPA (average cost per conversion) = CPC / CR 1

CPL (average cost per lead)

CPO (average cost per order)

CAC (average cost per customer) = CPA / CR2

CAC = CPC / CR1 / CR2

CR2 = 50 %

5 / 50% = 10 leads from the site

CR1 = 1 %

10 / 1% = 1000 website visits

CPC * 1000 = Budget

Digital Marketing Processes Automation

Automatic sales funnel for business

1. Analysis

We analyze demand, target audience and competitors. We develop a strategic vision of the sales tunnel.

2. Preparation

We integrate mailing services, chat bots, calls, payment acceptance. We develop content. Created a set of tools to attract customers.

3. Production

We create the main product. We hold webinars, online sessions, create online schools, useful content, marathons, events, activations. The main stage of building expertise and forming the image of the customer has been passed.

4. Launch

We conduct an advertising campaign and attract customers to our auto funnel. Build an auto funnel with a base of loyal customers. Clients receive content.

5. Boost

Collecting feedback. We continue to give content to customers. We consolidate success and make sales. We make sales.

Tools for processing the base in the autofunnel

Mailing list

Messages in messengers



Tools for attracting to the auto funnel

1. Banner ads on Google Display Network

2. Advertising in messengers

3. Traffic from partner application sites

4. Targeted advertising

5. Contextual advertising Google Ads

6. YouTube video ads

7. Own mobile application


1. Tests

2. Contests

3. Webinars

4. Shares % coupons

5. Events

6. Marathons

Technical tools for setting up an auto funnel

1. CRM – Customer Relationship Management System

2. Platforms for complex automation

3. Platforms for visual collaboration

4. Chatbots

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Licensed Digital Marketing Master™ Intensive Certification Program

Web Incubator Marketing Plan

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