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Today, almost everything is used as an advertising space — traditional media, stands, public transport, and even movies. With the development of the Internet, an information resource such as a web site has joined the list of advertising media. It would seem to get one and live happily, selling advertising space on it. However, the content of the website is the same business as the others. He requires a caring attitude.

A website is a section of the Internet that contains information grouped in a specific way. In other words, it is a collection of web files that includes an initial file, called the home page, and others called pages. Accordingly, you can get from one to another with the help of links, while some pages can be accessed by all users, and some only by favorites. Sites can be simple – consisting of several pages, and complex – multi-structural, with various services like chat rooms and forums. May differ in design – minimally simplified or jaded-flash. What you need for your business – decide for yourself in tandem with the development team.

Perfect option

Before you start creating a site, you need to come up with its idea. Let not the Great Director, but exclusively-unique for sure. Otherwise, the demand among the users of the resource will not be used, respectively, will not be claimed by advertisers, and income will not bring either. The first thing that comes to mind is the creation of a news resource. However, not all so simple.

“News today attracts only a small share of the Nizhny Novgorod audience,” says Mikhail Iosilevich, director of, “in this regard, it is difficult to compete with federal news agencies. The fact is that nothing is happening in Nizhny, so it’s hard to deal with the news business.

In the meantime, there is such an interesting business model as a “stand-alone web business.” Its essence is that the visitors themselves and absolutely free of charge create interesting content that other visitors come to read and also add something of their own, then others are interested in what others have left there, and express their own opinion, etc., and t .P. Accordingly, after some time his own target audience starts to gather around the site, constantly expanding and reaching the amount at which it will be interesting and cost-effective for the advertiser to place an advertisement. The forum comes to mind immediately, and correctly comes. The forum is a typical example of autonomous web business. First, you spend some amount on the creation and initial promotion of the resource, then throw away a few hot topics for discussion, causing a hot response and heated discussions. If the topics affect many, then a stream of personal opinions follows, which do not coincide with someone else’s opinions .. and it started. The site is becoming popular, the flow of visitors is increasing – it turns out such a self-spinning system. But this is the ideal. In fact, there are certain conditions under which this project can become popular and cost-effective, such as – extensive for those who are interested in the maximum percentage of Internet visitors. In addition, the topic should change frequently in order for the visitor to check for updates. And finally, the topic must be developed – so that each visitor has something to say and an interesting one – to say it. But honestly, I like the untwisted and popular projects did not come across. Perhaps this is your chance.

But, apparently, due to the fact that the Nizhny Novgorod Internet audience is still quite small, the creation of a narrowly specialized information resource is not appropriate. According to Yulia Verbitskaya, head of the commercial department of ip-center, universal portals are the most popular.

Cook money

When the idea is formed, and you finally understand how you want to see your project, you need to turn to people who can implement such ideas and put them on the Internet. There are few well-known organizations that provide similar services in Nizhny Novgorod, you can count them on your fingers. Accordingly, you will need time and money resources. Thus, the creation of one project takes from two weeks to several months. It depends on the complexity of the resource, the awareness of the customer’s own desires and the willingness to provide the necessary information. Financial costs will range from a minimum of 200-300 conventional units for a simple site to several thousand dollars for a modern heap. In addition to the cost of the design, let’s add hosting payment – services for hosting our web project on the provider’s equipment. It costs about 10-20 dollars a month. Plus domain registration. By the way, about the domain. There are several domain zones, such as .ru, .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info. Domain registration is usually for a year and is about 25-30 dollars. The site name must also be presentable, memorable and easily typed in the Latin alphabet.

About 4-5 people work on one such project, which includes the project manager, designer, programmer, and finally, the person who fills the site with content. Does it make sense to select specialists on your own or contact a company that provides all types of services and sells all specialists at once, you decide. I’m only informing you that a self-respecting talented and creative designer will take at least $ 200 just to develop a website design.

Advertising space advertising

So, the project is ready and launched on the Internet. It must be maintained, which is also not free. There are several options: some development companies have a subscriber department to which you can contact with any questions about the content of the site, changes in content, and so on. The services of such a subscriber department cost about one hundred dollars a year. Other companies provide more professional support by allocating a personal manager to your project, who visits you regularly, picks up updates, maintains active information on the site. It will cost you about a hundred dollars a month. You can maintain the site on your own. To do this, you only need to hire specialists from the field of Internet technologies.

By the way, technical maintenance of the site should be given great attention. Do not make navigation through the site very difficult – it should be intuitive to any user.

“Much depends on the technical implementation of the project,” says Mikhail Iosilevich, director of – At the dawn of our portal development, about 5 years ago, we started with competing firms with approximately the same philosophy. Someone did not survive due to poor technical implementation. They wrote some programs, when there are 10-20 people on the site, they work well. When 100 comes – they also work, and when 1000 people – everything crashes and explodes. Many due to poor marketing. They did, and then they thought that everything. People need to be lured all the time. As a result, there should be a combination of technical excellence and marketing.

In addition, the promotion of the site includes its optimization for search engines such as Yandex and Rambler. (Optimizing a site for a search engine means that when the user requests it, a link to your site will appear)

“We are very pleased with the current trends in web construction, when customers begin to realize that high traffic is needed on sites,” says Yevgeniy Doktorov, development manager of the Intermarket web studio, “and ask to optimize their websites for search engines: to be found in Yandex! ”

For the promotion of the site will not be superfluous and advertising on radio, television, as well as on other already popular sites. “Sites that are just created and want to make themselves known to the general public, it makes sense to advertise on the specially visited portals of Nizhny, such as and,” continues the expert from Intermarket. – It is better to pay a little more, but to light up there than on many little-known sites.

How to cut coupons

When the site becomes recognizable, an advertiser will flow to you. What can you offer him? Advertising on sites there is the most different. The most popular – banner. A banner is a picture advertising a specific site or product / service, etc. Banners can be animated, i.e. equipped with moving images to attract the attention of a potential client, and not animated, i.e. containing static images and text. Banners come in different sizes, the most popular size is 468×60 pixels. There are text banners, but in general, there is no difference between them. Only some have beautiful pictures, others have more meaningful text. Banners do not exist by themselves, they must be displayed in any banner system. Banner systems are of two types: a system serving a specific site, and banner-exchange systems. A system serving a specific site (project), for example, a Rambler, provides displays of banners within a specific site. As a rule, in this case there are many opportunities for focusing shows and the quality of shows is very good. Banner-exchange systems show banners on a variety of sites, a variety of content. The possibilities for focusing impressions are somewhat narrower, the quality of impressions is also somewhat lower, because many independent sites are involved in the system. The latest systems are recommended to be used in mass Internet campaigns, for example, to promote a new brand. These types of banner advertising are paid. There are also free opportunities for banner ads – by exchange. They can be involved when you become a member of any banner-exchange system. The point is very simple: on your website, other banners are shown, and on others yours are shown with a certain ratio, usually from 10 to 50% of the commission.

Recently, a new type of advertising has become popular, the so-called contextual advertising. This is an announcement of the activities (goods, services) of the company, in the form of a text block and / or graphic banner, which is displayed on the page with search results in accordance with the query entered by the user. The effectiveness of contextual advertising depends on many factors. From the proper selection of words, from the choice of places and forms of placement, from the competent advertising text and from what page of the site this advertisement leads the visitor. The main advantage of context is that it covers exactly those people who are already looking for specific products or services.

You can use all these types of advertising both when promoting your project and placing similar types on your website. All this, of course, for a fee. The price of banner advertising depends on the location of the ad unit on the site page, on the size of the banner, on the number of impressions, and so on. On average, this advertising service costs between $ 130 and $ 1,200 per month. Contextual advertising – about 7-10 dollars per word per month.

“There is a shortage of advertising web-sites in Nizhny,” says Mikhail Iosilevich. – Advertiser demand exceeds supply. There are two clear leaders – and The audience of portals is more than one hundred thousand people per month, and all other resources are about ten thousand. Therefore, we have a shortage and a queue for advertising. The city has a real demand for large sites. So, there are chances for success.

Measure seven times

Today, you can start to engage in web business with an initial capital of at least two thousand dollars. Where the first thousand goes to the creation of the site, and everything else for promotion – search engine optimization, advertising on radio, television and other projects.

“In any case, it’s profitable to engage in web business,” says Yulia Verbitskaya. – It all depends on how much you are willing to invest, what is your initial capital. The game is worth the candle when people find an opportunity to start, and after 2-3 years already to achieve something serious. The main thing is to choose the right niche so that there are fewer competitors. Similar to our site ( make no sense. Although, if you have a lot of money, you can try to do something similar, with the same content, the number of pages and the untwisted name.

“Engaging in web-business is, in principle, profitable,” confirms the words of colleague Mikhail Shushin, commercial director of, but I am convinced that companies providing the full range of services, including design, hosting, and advertising sites, are the future.

The main thing, before engaging in such a business, like any other business, do not forget to register with the tax office and obtain a business license. To sleep well. And it’s up to you to deal exclusively with content, promotion and providing advertisers with a place or to create a team of talented specialists, offering a full range of Internet services – from design to hosting.


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