In the European directory – an index of management consultants, 84 types of consulting services are currently distinguished, grouped into 8 main groups:

  1. General management.
    Determination of the effectiveness of the management system.
    Business valuation.
    Innovation Management.
    Definition of competitiveness / market research.
    Diversification or the formation of a new business.
    International management.
    Management evaluation.
    Merger and acquisition.
    Organizational structure and development.
    Project management.
    Quality control.
    Reorganization of engineering services.
    Research and development.
    Strategic planning.
  2. Administration.
    Analysis of the office.
    Placement and relocation of departments.
    Office management.
    Organization and management methods.
    Risk management
    Security guarantees.
    Workplace planning and equipment.
  3. Financial management.
    Accounting systems.
    Estimated capital costs.
    The turnover of the company.
    Cost reduction.
    Insolvency (bankruptcy).
    Increase profits.
    Increase revenue.
    Financial reserves.
  4. Human resource management.
    Professional movement and downsizing.
    Culture corporation.
    Equal opportunity.
    Search frames.
    Selection of personnel.
    Health and safety.
    Promotion programs.
    Internal communications.
    Evaluation of work.
    Labor agreements and employment.
    Management training.
    Workforce planning.
    Functional analysis.
    Psychological assessment.
    Professional development of employees.
  5. Marketing.
    Advertising and sales promotion.
    Corporate image and public relations.
    After-sales customer service.
    Direct marketing.
    International Marketing.
    Market research.
    Marketing strategy.
    Development of new products.
    Retail and dealerships.
    Sales Management.
    Sales training.
    Socio-economic research and forecasting.
  6. Production.
    Use of equipment and its maintenance.
    Industrial engineering.
    Recycling materials.
    Regulation of internal distribution of materials.
    Scheme of work organization in the enterprise.
    Design and product development.
    Production Management.
    Planning and production control.
    Productivity increase.
    Quality control.
    Control over the supply of components and parts.
  7. Information technology.
    CAD / ACS.
    The use of computers in auditing and evaluation.
    Electronic publishing.
    Information retrieval systems.
    Administrative information systems.
    Design and development of systems.
    Selection and installation of systems.
  8. Specialized services.
    Training counseling.
    Electricity Management Consulting.
    Engineering Consulting.
    Ecological consulting.
    Information Consulting.
    Legal consulting.
    Consulting in the management of the distribution of materials and logistics.
    Consulting in the public sector.
    Telecommunications consulting.

Consulting on issues of crisis management of enterprises:

Strategic management

Anti-crisis marketing policy


Management of insolvent enterprises

Risk management

Control and controlling

Company Security

Liquidation of insolvent enterprises.

New consulting services:


Development and implementation of more modern technologies

Socio-Economic Management

Development of new communications

Management Strategy Development

Information support business.

The nature of management consulting services used in the practice of industrialized countries

Management Consulting:

Staff training and retraining services

Legal advice

Recruitment services

Project and investment services

Accounting service

Engineering and reengineering services

Crisis Management Services

Information Support

External financial audit.


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