Web development

Creation of sites for companies, pages, business cards, portals. Placement and promotion of them on the Internet.

Website development, business pages, portals

We offer services for the creation and promotion of websites, business pages and portals for small businesses, as well as beautiful sites for individuals and organizations.
We will design your new website or make an update (redesign) of an existing website.
We develop an exclusive design for your site.
We will carry out the development of the site, enter all the necessary information provided by you and ensure uninterrupted performance.
Placing your website on the Internet (on a paid or free hosting).
Domain registration for our clients.

By additional agreement, the following elements can be installed on your website:
Guest book
Catalog of goods and services
Various forms (product order forms, feedback forms, etc.)
Site visit counters
Web store


The small composition of the studio reduces the cost of creating the site.
For the development of html-pages exclusively BLOCKETS are used, the html-code is written manually, which allows to avoid unnecessary code, pages load faster.
Guaranteed correction of all errors and misprints made through the fault of our studio for FREE!
The ability to update and redesign an existing site.
We also offer administration services for your website (ongoing support and updating, business correspondence with customers, etc.) – we will be a permanent web-site of your company

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