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Founded in 2011, the Swedish quartz watch company has gained fame and success thanks to social networks. Daniel Wellington’s Instagram account currently has 4.5 million subscribers, and the brand has 1.7 mln users subscribed to the brand on Facebook.

Daniel Wellington’s starting capital was $15,000, which was not enough for a traditional advertising campaign on television, radio and print. Then Daniel Wellington decided to make a name for itself on the Instagram platform, which was just gaining momentum, because the distinctive features of the brand’s watches—ultra-simple design and high quality—fit perfectly into the “photo mosaic” of the social network.

Daniel Wellington decided not to resort to the common practice of advertising brands from world stars on social networks and began to look for mid-sized celebrities who had already gathered a significant audience on Instagram.

According to company founder Philip Tysander, network users were fed up with stars and had more confidence in popular bloggers. Daniel Wellington has started giving watches to bloggers who want to post their photos with the watch on Instagram.

Over the course of several months, photographs of hundreds of bloggers wearing Daniel Wellington watches spread all over Instagram. The brand’s popularity began to grow rapidly, as did the number of followers on Daniel Wellington’s official Instagram account. The company diversified its content by organizing public competitions with subscribers, to whom it also gave free watch sets. As a result, the hashtag #danielwellington was used by more than 1.8 million accounts, and the company’s sales skyrocketed.

In 2014, Daniel Wellington became the fastest growing company in Europe, increasing sales by 4,700%: the brand sold a million watches in a year. By comparison, it took Rolex 111 years to reach this milestone, and Tag Heuer took 156 years to achieve sales of a million watches per year. During the year, Daniel Wellington increased its profit to $230 million.

Today, Daniel Wellington has opened dozens of stores in the United States and Europe, and the company’s activity on social networks continues to grow, as does revenue, which should reach $3.6 million at the end of 2019.

Here are some ideas that can be gleaned from Daniel Wellington’s experience.

Look for helpers

The best way for beginners to develop in social networks is to find popular bloggers who will advertise your product or brand.

Niche bloggers are more trusted than celebrities

Offering to advertise your product to major social media stars is not only expensive, but also not the most effective way to get a response online. Recent studies show that users trust more not the most popular, but professional and niche bloggers and groups covering a specific topic. It is best to offer your products to such “opinion leaders.”

Generosity is a guarantee of loyalty

If you have the opportunity to give away free goods among subscribers for reposts, do not be afraid of such promotions, most often they quickly pay for themselves.


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