Google bought 5% stake in AOL

Google buys 5 percent of America Online (AOL) for $ 1 billion, the Associated Press reported. The conclusion of the transaction was preceded by several months of negotiations, during which the possibility of selling these shares to Microsoft was also considered.

World media reported on the upcoming deal with Google over the past few days, referring to competent sources close to the participants in the negotiation process. However, over the past months, rumors about other possible agreements regarding the fate of AOL shares have regularly appeared. So, in October, it was reported that half of AOL’s web businesses intend to jointly buy out Google and Comcast backbone provider. This information was denied by Richard Parsons (Richard Parsons), head of the media holding Time Warner, which includes AOL. He then also stated that this company does not have a project on information cooperation with Microsoft, despite relevant rumors going then.

The Associated Press notes that the information that after the deal in the Google search results will appear banner advertising projects AOL, the official message about the deal is not confirmed. At the same time, it became known that the companies agreed on the compatibility of their AOL Instant Messenger and Google Talk Internet Pagers.


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