Google will go live on Youtube

The video hosting portal Youtube, owned by Google Inc., will test a live broadcast from its site’s site this Monday and Tuesday. The experiment will be conducted in partnership with video content providers Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood.

Since the project is still in the test format only, this service will be available only on the designated days.

The new network platform, under the terms of the contract, will collect streams from the channels of the companies named “live” video, which is shown in real time. According to Youtube, to stream video to potential service providers, only a webcam connected to the computer via USB or Firewire is needed.

It is also reported that the Live Comment functionality will be integrated into the platform, through which users will be able to comment on the video stream in real time. According to the results of the experiment, the world’s largest video hosting will decide whether to provide this service to a wider range of users.

The press release published in the official Youtube blog also contains an interactive window that invites users to experience innovation. The interactive interface, depicted in the form of an old-fashioned TV, offers a number of channels that are already working on “live TV” – just select one and start watching.

Google coming

The news from the camp of the largest Internet video portal becomes symptomatic, if we recall that such belongs to Google. Recently, the company Sergey Brin has shown extraordinary activity in almost all areas of the media market.

New projects announced literally in the last two weeks include the Google TV digital television project and digital telephony functionality from the Google Mail site — Google Phone Call, and smart search — a modification of the search engine. Do not forget about the success of the mobile platform from Google – Android.

According to Gartner’s forecast, despite the fact that during 2010 and the next 4 years, the leadership in the global market of “smartphone” OS will remain for Symbian, however, by the end of 2014, the share of Google Android in the global volume of final sales will be almost equal to share of Symbian. Moreover, as a result of the strong support of market participants, including manufacturers and operators, the Google platform will become the second most popular by the end of this year. According to analysts Gartner, Android will come in second place almost 2 years earlier than they predicted earlier.

In each of these projects, Google acts as a daring newcomer who invades foreign territory. So, in the telesphere media giant oppose Apple and Microsoft, in telephony – AT & T and Skype. Today, going out through the You Tube portal acquired in 2006, Google is entering the sphere of streaming network video, where it will face the monopolists in the face of and Ustream.

Apparently, the company is not afraid of competition. Opening fronts in almost all sectors of Hi-Tech at the same time, Google is preparing to take on the role of the flagship of cutting-edge technologies in the field of user Internet. Giving due to the strategic sense of the leadership of the media giant, it is worth noting that the new Google products are mostly successful. So created at the beginning of this month, Phone Calls — an IP telephony service integrated into the Google Mail web application, gained instant love from users. Since the launch of this service in the United States on August 26, more than a million people have already used it.

There are exceptions

In February of this year, Google offered all users of its network and Gmail a new opportunity to join the newly created social network called Buzz, which used the Gmail contact database.

This network was immediately subjected to serious criticism, since users practically could not control who saw the list of their contacts. At the same time, several Gmail users sued Google, claiming that the Buzz social network violated their personal integrity.


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