In Estonia 730000 Internet users

730000 i.e. 60 %, of Estonian residents aged between 6 and 74 use the Internet, according to a TNS Emor study. Compared to last fall, there were 35000 more Internet users.

Every third resident of Estonia uses the Internet daily. Most Internet users use it at home. The home computer is connected to the Internet for 243,000 Estonian families, and their number is constantly growing. Last fall, 56,000 families had less internet connection. Online shopping is becoming more popular. Every tenth, i.e. approximately 109,000 residents aged 15-74 years, during the last half of the year, bought goods via the Internet. Mostly on the Internet they bought clothes and books or ordered newspapers and magazines. The study was based on the TNS Emor survey conducted from September to November 2006, in which 1861 people aged 6–74 years participated.


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