Internet history in Russia

The word Internet refers to the global computer network. There is a more formal definition of the Internet given by the US Federal Networking Council on October 24, 1995:

“The Internet is a global information system, parts of which are logically interconnected with each other through a unique address space based on the Internet Protocol (IP) or its subsequent extensions, capable of supporting communication using the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) protocol suite their subsequent extensions or other IP-compatible protocols, and which provides, uses or makes available high-level communication services publicly or privately.”

Thus, the Internet is a network interconnection based on a single communication protocol – TCP / IP. Access to the Internet, which is provided by organizations called Internet Service Providers (Internet Service Provider, ISP), the user can get from home or from the office by connecting to the organization’s local network.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is a direct access service that requires a full Internet connection and allows you to interact interactively with the content presented on Web servers (machine interaction). The WWW service is based on the principle of hypertext and is capable of presenting information using all possible multimedia resources – video, audio, graphics, text, etc. The interaction is carried out according to the client-server principle using the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).

Dedicated web servers can be considered as elements of an integrated marketing space for any company and individuals on the Internet. When building a marketing system on the Internet based on a Web server, the main tasks are to attract visitors to the server and get as many repeat visits as possible.

The history of the Russian segment of the Internet can be counted from April 1994, when a new domain zone was allocated for Russia. And on April 7, 1994, the top-level domain. Ru was entered into the database of national domains of the international network center InterNIC. The national domain of Russia RU has overcome the symbolic mark of 2 million registered names. April 7, 2009 domain RU is 15 years old. Today, the pace of development of the Russian domain RU remains one of the highest in the world: the volume of domain registration grew by 64% in 2008, and in terms of speed of development, the RU domain ranks second in the world after the Chinese domain CN. The first million domain RU reached September 17, 2007. To this date Runet was 13 years old. The second million RU names took just a year and a half.


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