Intway scam revealed

In Moscow, opened a financial pyramid, the victims of which were tens of thousands of people

In Moscow, detained the organizers of a major financial pyramid. They acted on a large scale – in five years they opened branches in almost all large cities of Russia, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The criminal business brought a million rubles a month to fraudsters.

Employees of the “K” department of the Russian Interior Ministry, which is engaged in electronic fraud, are sent to where hundreds of unsuspecting citizens have visited for five years. With each climb of this ladder, hopes were melted, not only that you earn money, but that yours would be returned to you.

The Intway company has an American legend and a sign: the founders are Russians, two men and a married couple. The company has a solid website on the Internet, a network of representative offices in Russia and the near abroad. Enough contribution – and you are a partner.

Irina Zubareva, head of the press service of the K department of the Russian Interior Ministry: “A certain amount of money had to be deposited – from 4,000 to 80,000 rubles. The attackers offered either“ business packages ”or securities. They promised that after a while you can get an apartment anywhere in the world, or other real estate, but for this you need to bring a certain number of people with you. ”

The “pyramid of the 21st century” uncovered by the operatives seemed impossible: to attract retirees to electronic commerce. The lectures told how to play in the stock market, how to make your website and use it to sell what you are told.

Since the time of MMM, there have been many ways to deceive the population: to issue unsecured bonds and bills, dummy exchanges have been added on the Internet and “health cards” wonder products, supposedly protecting against diseases and harmful radiations. Firm “Intway” offered the whole range.

Employee of the company: “We teach people to make money, they got out of their poverty, and began to live like people.”

A month after they entered into the business, the “partners” understood that they could not wait for profits. Further promises it did not go. During a search of the office, they found a whole pile of complaint letters.

Irina Zubareva, head of the press service of the “K” department of the Russian Interior Ministry: “They referred to the economic crisis and said that“ in three years you will receive all the promises, but nevertheless, in order to be in our organization, you need to bring as many clients as possible. And people were forced to attract the same potential victims.”

The founders of the criminal business lived in a big way: the congresses of company leaders were held only in the most prestigious hotels. Of the products produced by Intway, there was, in fact, only one: an electronic system that allowed money to be transferred abroad.

According to experts, tens of thousands of citizens in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have become victims of fraudsters. The head of the Ukrainian branch has been put on the international wanted list; in relation to Moscow founders, the issue of a criminal case is being resolved.


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