Creator of the Internet portal Albert Popkov: Have you conceived a black deed? Do not go to our site

The author of the popular site told whether people from the FSB monitor the resource visitors.

The project that has become a real time eater for office workers — — is a little over a year old. During this time, the site has twice received the highest Runet award. More than seven million people hit the network of this project. The geography of users – from Australia to Chukotka. And all these people, according to rumors, wandering in the LiveJournal, are tirelessly watched by “people from the organs”. The creator of the site, shrinking the globe to the size of the PDA, told me whether this is true.

“Hello, boss!”

“Look through the windows of the next office,” Albert smiles, pulling back the blinds, “and so on in every firm.”

I bring binoculars. I looked: out of twenty computers, 18 machines glow with a familiar interface.

– Wow! – I’m surprised. – Repressions will go, close office mice to access the site!

“Already gone,” confirms Popkov, “in the Odnoklassniki banks anymore. We do not despair. Did you close the door? We will enter through the window! From this week on “Classmates” you can go through the mobile: earned portal In the words of Internet slang, “hello, boss!”. Fight with “classmates” is useless. We come from childhood. People had the opportunity to search for relatives scattered around the world.

– How many such nostalgic, fell into your network?

– Seven million. Daily growth – from 40 to 60 thousand beginners.

– The project is a little over a year. In winter it was not crowded. A neighbor at this time killed a teacher. On the site, of all the parallels, then only one registered, now living in New Zealand. And in September, a hundred people immediately appeared. Dropped to the monument, went to the cemetery.
– The splash went in the fall. In August, there were three million. By winter, the number had doubled. There are dozens of similar stories: one donor found a child through classmates, another was dumped on the operation, a third was found a good doctor. Classmates will do a lot more good to each other.

– At what million heart sank: “Hooray, we did it!”

– Euphoria was on the first hundred thousand. This milestone was serious. The rest was easier. And in the beginning, people came, as your neighbor, found two or three from the force. They left, disappointed. Now the avalanche has gone.

“Yes, we work with the authorities!”

– Rumor attributes you to close ties with …
– (Interrupting.) … with the FSB !!! It’s amazing what was asked just now. From this usually begin.
– First of all, I wanted to ask why you and my mom did so: after moderation, you replaced her photo with a donkey, and instead of a colleague, a monkey was hung out?
– Probably, this is a mistake or a stupid joke! Sincere apologies to your mom!
– So what is your relationship with the FSB?
– In the strained! (Laughs.) We refused to cooperate. And how will we help? A Russian person and without the FSB tells about the Internet.
– Your competitor – the site “V kontakte” – a sort of virtual passport office. With addresses, phone numbers. The people are sure: “These are exactly under the FSB working!” On Odnoklassniki, advertising is a sea, and Vkontakte is empty. What do you think?
– This is you from Pavel Durov, the owner of the portal, find out. He is a clever man, I do not think he can do this. But with the investigation we have to cooperate. Our users, like all Russians, have the right to live in safety. We go to contact if they come to us with a court decision. Every time lawyers give an opinion. Even I will not get any information without their visa. But globally, we cannot help the investigation. The remaining questions – to the provider, let them play detectives.
– What cases do investigators address to you?
– They didn’t work on serious business, they didn’t catch maniacs. Unlike the English colleagues I worked with in London. They killed the star of the central TV channel. The story hit the newspapers. The police came to us. We looked at the page of the murdered, correspondence. It turned out that she was threatened. We traced the address from which the threats came. Killer found. My advice to ordinary citizens: lay out less personal information in the public domain. And for those who conceived a black deed, I recommend that you don’t go to the site at all. If you are asked to find a killer or a maniac who inherited from our portal, you can be sure that we will make every effort for the police to find him and punish the court. No kidding!

Why are prohibited baby photos

– The forums are offended: you have strange rules for the selection of photos. Photos of children can not be placed, a snapshot of your favorite Murka is also blocked. In the photo you need to be “full face and in profile.”
– We read these complaints. We work. About children: we have banned it for various reasons. First of all for the sake of safety. In Europe, for example, the placement of children’s photos in the public domain is considered bad form. The child, when he grows up, decides for himself what and where to place him. Before hoarsely argued in the office, whether to allow the placement of children’s photos. The father of two children defended the ban most vehemently. I had to vote.
– And why cars and cats were banned?
– So that the portal does not become a zoo and a vanity fair. Soon we will change the rules. There will be an opportunity to create several albums: public – for the main page, the requirements for the photo will remain the same. And a few personal ones. Access to them will be either by invitation or automatically, but for friends you have registered. There you can post at least 150 photos from the series “The First Steps of My Son”. Well, or your favorite cat. Who is closer.

Tomatoes in razluchnitsu

– Why did they come up with the “photo rating” option, when the owner of the page sees who has put some ratings?
– This is an opportunity to say something, when there is nothing to say. People, especially single ones, post the best photos. The girl received a hundred “fives”, but the appraisers were lost in the general mass. And then the daredevil-snapper instructed units. Naturally, she noticed him. She asked: “Why are you rude?” He answered. Word by word – met.
– I know the case when the lover instructed the wife of her object passion units. She responded reciprocate. A month later, I learned who it was. Ended up in the restaurant: the girl tracked down where the devil goes to a business lunch.
– That’s life. Anything can happen. Soon there will be more opportunities to tickle your nerves. Run the option “virtual kisses.” Even in the host page, you can run a tomato or give a bouquet.
– And then the house will begin: and who is this uncle with a big mustache, who presented ten bouquets? And run divorce.
– Already run. I know cases when former loved ones were found on Odnoklassniki and were divorced from those whom they married “out of spite” or were married because “age is pressing.” Or the lovers who have run away on nonsense found each other and went to a registry office. And this, in my opinion, great.
– It’s over, broken family, what could be better!
“There is another arithmetic here: there were three unfortunate people before Odnoklassniki.” And then there were two happy. What indicators are better?

Celebrities on the web

– “Stars” on this site?
– I will not say about all. It happens that no. We make up the base of real stars. With their consent, we will soon hang up their pages in a separate section.
– Can anyone register under the name of a celebrity?
– Yes. And to deal with this is difficult. Do not forget that there are namesakes. Yesterday, for example, Boris Yeltsin called from the Urals. He complained that he was removed, even a copy of the passport sent.
– Vladimir Soloviev was indignant on the air: his wife found his page on “Classmates”, which he did not turn on. And someone on his behalf carried the most beautiful nonsense. Then he wrote an angry diary post.
“After the broadcast, we contacted the program management and removed Solovyov’s page from our site, as they asked. He could call himself without a public tribune. We promise, if this happens again with someone from other people who have discovered that they have opened a page without their knowledge, but under their name, we will remove it. Just write a request to the address: After verification, we will delete it. This applies to all: the stars and mere mortals. Sometimes the site becomes a tool for revenge.
– Are there politicians?
– Yes, officials. Come on pages from ministerial addresses. They have dozens of friends. Peers Real classmates.
– And you have Putin. Vladimir Vladimirovich. And what is the president’s e-mail address?
– I think the usual. On the free server registered.
– undignified.
– And what would you like from the student registered on behalf of the president? At one of the exhibitions he found us himself. He came up: “Hello, I am Putin.” We laughed.
“And why didn’t you delete it?”
– Nobody has addressed us with this request yet. How to turn – delete.

Become a Millionaire

– How did you get the idea to create a website that has become a multi-million dollar brand in six months?
– After the institute I was looking for myself. Even traded in batteries. In the mid-nineties, he left for Europe. Worked in interesting online projects. Including in the English analogue “Odnoklassniki”.
– So, Odnoklassniki is just a copy from a western product?
– Not really. I studied similar projects: facebook, cllassmates. And a few small shtetl variants. I chose the most “tasty”, I thought that you can add your own. And he collected Odnoklassniki, like a puzzle.
– Internet gossipers say that you sold this puzzle for 10 million dollars.
– This is from the category of “I heard a ring, but I do not know where he is.” Yes, we had investors, however, Russian, after which we received money for advertising and servers, quickly went up the hill. There are partners in Riga who make the most popular Russian-language site there. But the project as a whole, I did not sell. Odnoklassniki has good financial prospects. And I, most likely, really a millionaire. While virtual. Over time, I hope to become real.

Classmate from the islands

– Where did your classmates go?
– All over the world. It’s easier to say where there is no site “”. Access to it was not in Canada and China – for technical reasons. We were not “seen” by local monopoly providers. We are also banned in the Emirates. The reason for the moral nature – the government found that because of the photos the site does not meet local ethical standards, and at the state level has banned access to the resource.
– And in what exotic countries do the site users live?
– On a tiny island of Cape Verde in the Pacific Ocean. I was there recently. Before the trip I looked, is there anyone from there. I was surprised to find: there is! I even saw one of the users live – this is an employee of the local airport.

First love has not yet appeared

– A lot of your classmates on the site?
– Almost the whole class.
– They know that it is you, as a ferryman from the song, who connect the hearts of millions?
– Yes, but I recently declassified.
– What a surprise did you personally site?
– I found my former neighbor through him. This is TV presenter Sergey Mayorov. Recently removed a very touching story, walked through the court of childhood.
– Did you find your first love on the site?
– Not yet. When at last she registers, I understand that my project is 100% successful.

Who uses “Classmates”

60% of users are Muscovites
20% – former Russians who went abroad
20% – residents of other cities
The most popular social networks of the Russian Internet: – 7 million registered users – 3 million users – more than a million users

How to delete a page from “Classmates”

There are rumors on the Internet that this is impossible. This is not true. There are two ways:
1. Go to the “adjust personal settings” section, select the “delete” function. The system will require the password and the address of the box on which the page was registered. The profile will be deleted within 24 hours.
2. Send a request to the address:


Inna Igolkina: Photos will tell about the former’s personal life!
There is some information on the site – educational institutions, organizations, boarding houses, where a person worked and rested, five photos. But a quick glance is enough to understand how a person has developed a life.
Examine the photo:
cottage-fishing and tourist. A lonely person, like a heroine from “Moscow doesn’t believe in tears,” is chosen for nature “during the parade”. And what if that Gosh meets? Family usually go to nature “in what it is not a pity”: in sweatpants and faded t-shirts. Have you seen this photo? So, everything in your past life is good: wife, mother-in-law, children, “Zhiguli”;
professional. With these photos, a person signals: I’m fine – career, wealth. If, apart from these photos there is nothing, the person is probably alone;
photo in the interior. If from the hotel – be sure to look into your eyes. After all, someone photographed a man! And on loved ones on vacation look with special tenderness. On home shots, study the details: the photo on the wall, the things in the frame.
See time to visit the site.

Is he sitting there all day? This is probably the usual “office plankton”: the work is of little interest to him, and a lot of free time. But there are exceptions – sociologists, insurance agents, agency employees and cosmetics distributors spend hours on the site. If a person regularly sits on the Internet and on Friday evening, instead of engaging in his personal life, then, most likely, he is truly alone. Or he does not want to communicate with home.
Do you think it is safe to publish personal information on the Internet? Discussion – on our website.

Did you find your school love on “Odnoklassniki” and find out that she is raising your mutual twins? Or through the site you got bouncers of debt? Tell your story on our website or send to the address:


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