Satellite Internet and satellite TV through the user’s eyes

How often have you thought about reducing the cost of the Internet, as well as the quality of television?

Satellite equipment is becoming more affordable and offers a huge selection and great opportunities to use both at home and for corporate purposes.

Satellite antennas, satellite receivers, satellite converters, dvb-cards, motor suspension, actuators, positioners, multifeeds – this is not a complete list of equipment used for satellite television and satellite Internet! Saving on the Internet is possible using satellite Internet. Satellite Internet is high-speed and economical work in the Internet. The variety of tariff plans of satellite Internet providers and the availability of corporate and unlimited tariffs, high speeds and the ability to change speed on-line make Internet from satellite popular among a huge number of users. Satellite television offers a huge range of channels broadcast in digital quality for every taste – for moviegoers and cartoon lovers, humorous and entertaining, historical and informational, sports and music. Economic work in the Internet and the high-quality image on the TV is real! Satellite Internet and satellite TV NTV plus – this is exactly what you need!

Consider everything in more detail?

Satellite dishes are the very first step in choosing satellite equipment. The quality of the received signal depends on the diameter of the satellite antenna. It is the mirror area that ensures reliable work with the Internet and the quality of television image. In different cases, use different satellite antennas – mesh antennas Svec, direct-focus and offset plates Supral and Golden Interstar. Satellite converters are best chosen depending on cable length and attenuation – the longer the cable, the greater the gain needed. Converters are Ku-band and C-band, and also differ in polarization – circular (right and left) and linear (horizontal and vertical). When choosing a converter, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer – the main manufacturers of converters are Golden Interstar converters (GI 101, GI 102, GI 201, GI 202, GI 204, GI 205), Invacom, Bigsat, General Sattelite. After choosing the antenna and the converter, depending on what we need – the Internet or television, choose a satellite receiver or dvb-card. Manufacturers of satellite receivers, as well as manufacturers of envelopes, a great many – receivers Golden Interstar 8001, 8005, Dreambox 500s, Dreambox 7020, OpenBox X 820, X 810, X 830, Euston, General Sattelite, Humax VA Ace, VA Fox … From the right choice The receiver depends on the quality of the television image, as well as a set of functions. Receivers for FTA channels, receivers with CI-slot, receivers with hard disk, receivers with two tuners, receivers for cardsharing. Far from the fact that an expensive satellite receiver will offer maximum pleasure when watching satellite TV. Of course, the more expensive the satellite receiver, the more opportunities when setting up television. But let’s face it. Why do you need a satellite receiver with a bunch of card slots if you are going to watch only FTA channels? Or why a satellite receiver with a hard disk, if you are not going to record anything? DVB-cards are used not only for watching satellite TV and working with satellite Internet, but also for Internet grabbing or Internet fishing. dvb-s Technotrend tt-budget s 1401 (skystar 3), 1500, Technisat skystar 2, tt-connect 2400, 3200 We picked up satellite equipment, working with satellite Internet, watching digital television … And then the question arose – and if I want to work immediately with several satellites? Help us either multifidy, or motorized systems. If the satellites with which we are going to work are 2-3 and they are next to each other, then most likely it will be possible to get along with the multifeed system. In the case, if there are several satellites and they are far away from each other, a solution using a motor suspension or a positioner and actuator will be more convenient, which will allow you to control the antenna rotation and tune to the desired satellite without constant trips to the place where the dish is installed. So, read the instructions, learn to install and configure satellite equipment and enjoy satellite Internet and satellite television both at home and in the office!


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