The future of business is on the web

The most nimble of our fellow citizens have already “cut down” more than one million, sitting at the computer. These people are not hackers who hacked into the US Federal Monetary System website. They do not engage in silly ezines and do not drag the gullible into the so-called network marketing.

They did not win the world championship in computer “shooters” or virtual “Formula 1”

Everything is much simpler: they launched their project, whose name ends with “.lv”, and were the first (or one of the first) in their business. Everything!

Now they are only improving and developing their business, thereby enlarging the already immense circle of their clients, or, in the language of the Network, users or users. And if the number of users grows, the momentum grows, and accordingly the profits that a project brings to its creators.

Your online business is a promising and far-reaching business. The main thing here is the idea. The rest, as they say, is a matter of technique.

Buy – sell – “Navari”

The popularly known (formerly taught to buy and sell through the global network of Latvians. Here you can buy and sell everything from a used baby carriage to a prestigious mansion in Mezaparks. However, the site itself makes a profit to its creators, except from paid advertisements placed on it, and from advertising banners of other sites that are constantly flashing in the eyes of seekers or offering a cherished product. By the way, to place one average banner for a day on the above-named site will cost approximately 50 lats.

In short, everyone at is satisfied with the users who have the opportunity to find information about products, vacancies and other various lucrative offers throughout Latvia, and the site owners: the project’s good reputation and its “inexhaustibility” (there will always be people willing to buy and sell cheaper more expensive without intermediaries) is the key to long-term success and constant profit. And the leadership positions of this site for several years in a row are not capable of taking away any other analogue of the Internet bulletin board.

However, a truly big business on the Internet makes sellers-merchants. We did not come up with a range of products from the usual store, but we successfully borrowed this idea from Western virtual dealers.

Latvia started with online home appliances stores, and now on the Web you can buy everything from us – from jewelery to dildos, widely represented in virtual sex shops. Sex shops, by the way, is a separate topic. A private Latvian, unaccustomed and still shy of his desires, still cannot cross his moral foundations and upbringing and open the door of a real sex shop, but on the Internet sex-goods scatter like hot cakes. You choose by the picture, you pay by transfer, you receive it by mail – everything is anonymous. Even the home appliance trader could not resist and opened its specific division under the promising name And it works, you know. It has been working for a long time. Profit brings. And remember, what fate befell the owners of sex shops in Daugavpils? That, the Internet – really great force.

Lauris Liberts, one of the two co-owners of “Here who is first, he becomes the absolute market leader

But back to the massive sales, which began with household appliances and now expanded to music, goods for sports and recreation, clothing and footwear, interior items and other things, among other things. For clarity, the success of such an Internet business is enough to trace the dynamics of growth in the turnover of the enterprise. Take, for example, the same Turnover in 2004 – 550 thousand lats, turnover in 2005 – already almost 1.5 million lats. Considering that in the year 2006 the system already includes 18 “sub-stores”, it is easy to assume that the turnover of this year will grow at least 2 times, from the previous value.

The competitor – – in 2005 also increased its profit and turnover by 2 times compared to 2004. In general, despite the fact that there are plenty of competitors in this area (only in 2004 there were about 50 online stores on “.lv “), A place in the sun is for almost everyone, and especially for those who offer competitive prices and fast delivery. In the same 2004, almost 200-300 purchases were already made in virtual stores per day.

Even if you make a very rough estimate and assume that each of these 50 stores had a turnover of about 200 thousand lats per year, the total amount of money that went through them would be about 10 million. For comparison – the turnover a little more was in 2005 the Daugavpilssky enterprise of Heating networks serving all our glorious city.

And at the same time, we must not forget that the number of “real”, non-virtual stores is also growing every day and makes a serious competition to the “unreal” – virtual!

Make Money on Friends

But where the “goldmine” really is is in us and our friends; desire to communicate and get acquainted without getting tired. The one who in time is a “glade” is now on a horse.

This, of course, is about two “whales” of the Latvian Internet space: and The owners of their first successes do not hide and publicly publish them in monetary terms. So, the Website, which introduced in the month of its existence (spring 2004) a paid subscription of profile statistics, and now significantly expanded the number of its paid services, has a standard monthly turnover of 100 thousand lats. The year 2005 was completed with a net profit of LVL 202,496. 700,000 users are registered on the site, which is half of all Latvian Internet users. The merit of is in the distribution of wap. About 50 thousand people visit the Internet every day via mobile phones in Latvia, 75% of which go to

The main competitor – the old-timer of the Latvian Network – does not boast publicly about its successes, and even does not publish the prices for advertising on its website. However, if we assume that the traffic to this site is somewhat lower than that of (according to TNS data), but there are 5 times more paid services on it, and if you still take into account that has been selling melodies, pictures and games on the phone, and besides, analogue and still exist and function well, the conclusion is clear – financial situation is even better.

And no other similar site has gained such popularity among Latvian users for the sole reason that it appeared later – after captured an audience of teenagers, mostly Russian-speaking, and “cleaned up” older people, mainly title nation. And to try to destroy this monopoly is now useless, you just need to come up with something absolutely new.

Advertise and Grow Rich

However, if it is impossible to invent a bicycle, you can go another way – to make money on advertising. The most striking example is the news portal. If in one (!) Only working day all types and types of banners appear, which the site offers to host, then the company’s cash desk will be replenished with LVL 8145. Here you also need to add an uncountable number of sponsored links and articles that are in abundance on both sides of the main news feed.

The second example of such a business is the mailer, which has 135 thousand visitors per day. Attempts by this portal to create something similar to, allow users to store photos, and even count calories online, were not particularly successful – remained a mailer. But the popularity of these postal services allows site owners to earn good money on advertising. Placing a small banner on per day will cost about a hundred lats, the price of a banner is more impressive than 7 thousand lats. That is, there is a very decent income for the creators of the site.

Conclusion: create any thematic site, make it popular and – “stragi cabbage” with those who want to become popular through your popularity!

But in general, these three areas of business development on the Internet are just an example of the success of someone else’s idea. It is unlikely to follow in the footsteps of others. But if you come up with something unique, something that is not yet in the Latvian network (in the end, you can spy on your neighbors …) and be the first to realize it, then success is almost guaranteed. And along with it – an extremely dynamic growth and development of your offspring. Well, as a result – constantly growing profits. Go for it!


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