Mobile content: business perspectives

In our opinion, the business of selling mobile content has quite bright prospects. If you believe analysts, the annual turnover of companies offering java games and themes, polyphony and pictures for mobile phones is growing every year in 2006 as well. exceeded 600 million dollars.

About 40 % of this figure is “taken away” by television services – sms quizzes, polls. Clear advantages over other players, almost one hundred percent coverage of territories and population, therefore, most likely the figure of 40 % is underestimated a couple of times. Consequently, for kiosks in transitions and in supermarkets offering stolen content, 10 percent remains. It is thought that the fate of gaming clubs will be shared by these items selling an unlicensed product and not deducting from sales the authors of the works – fees. Well, the last ten percent of mobile phone owners are trying to meet their needs in decorating their mobiles on Internet sites that implement, according to all the rules and designed in accordance with current legislation, mobile content. Here everything is fair and transparent. Buying a java game or themes, the consumer automatically thanks the authors for their work. When downloading mobile ringtones, a person knows, Dima Bilan will receive his cents for his songs. And let the current revenues of the site owners are not as big as those of TV people, but we should not forget that every mobile phone owner has a TV, and only twenty percent have access to the Internet. So still ahead. Moreover, the development of mobile services will lead to the fact that users will consume TV shows and radio using a mobile phone. And we want this, or even do not think about it, but the media content will always be with us. For melodies and polyphony in mobile, this is often not a need, but a tribute to fashion trends and directions.

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