Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! costly advertising gambling business

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! agreed to pay $ 31.5 million in exchange for settling civil proceedings. The plaintiffs accused the largest Internet companies of advertising the illegal online gambling business in the United States.

The investigation lasted from 2000, and negotiations with each of the companies – from 12 to 18 months. All three respondents promised not to accept ads related to sports betting or other types of online gambling businesses.

Most of all, 21 million dollars, Microsoft had to pay. This amount includes 4.5 million compensation dollars. Another 7.5 million dollars will be transferred to the Center for missing and exploited children. In addition, over the next three years, Microsoft will show social advertising for nine million dollars, which will say that online casinos are illegal.

Yahoo! It does not advertise online casinos for several years and will pay only 7.5 million dollars, of which 3 will be spent on compensation, and the rest will be spent on social advertising.

Google, which has not hosted such ads since 2004, will pay three million dollars. This is less than a third of its daily advertising revenue of about $ 11 million.


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