New trend of Internet business: home erotic

Websites in the United States are developing a new business line – home erotica for money. Portals pay ordinary users for hidden images from the home archive.

Antoinette is 25 years old. She works as an interior designer in the city of Baltimore, lives with her beloved and considers herself a “completely normal woman”. However, twice a month, Antoinette removes clothes from herself and her boyfriend, gets comfortable on the couch in front of a webcam and indulges in hot love delights. Record is sold to one of the sites for adults.

For “twenty minutes of work” Antoinette gets $ 500- $ 600. “I’m not a porn star and I don’t want to become one. I don’t even use cosmetics,” says the girl. Nevertheless, if films with Antoinette were shown on a wide screen and were shown in special cinemas, the girl would undoubtedly become a screen star.

The world wide web is full of amateur photos and intimate videos, the owners of which place them completely free of charge. However, more and more people now prefer to make money from it. And sites like are willing to pay this money.

Every day more and more websites appear on the Internet, including those that provide paid access to their resources. The network is a tough battle for users, in which different portals are participating, including Facebook, the Wall Street Journal site and even the Radiohead group page.

XTube, which offers thousands of free videos, believes it has solved the problem of providing paid access. Users need to offer something “special”. “Free porn can be found on the web for everything” says Justin Arlian, XTube sales manager. “But our new business model makes it possible to make money on some sort of porno-version of social networks”.

Portal managers believe that free porn lovers will lay out money if they can get to know the stars, talk with them and even direct videos. Today, visitors pay from 50 cents to $ 2.5 for viewing “home records”. And their authors receive up to 60% of the revenues from the show. From next month, this figure will drop to 50%.

According to Arlian, XTube now earns about $ 150,000 a month, 60% of which is for the sale of commercials made by various studios, and 40% for the amateur video sector. The site registers 56 million visits per day.

The online porn segment is estimated at $ 14 billion, studios are experiencing competition from amateurs like Antoinette. Senior editor of the erotic magazine XBiz Stephen Yagilovits says:

“These people are not professional pornstars, but ordinary guys, just like us. They just need to earn an extra few hundred per month. A sufficient number of voyeurs and exhibitionists are found among people, and the world wide web brings them together. Now they have the opportunity to make good money on this.”


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