Morals condemn children’s photo business model on the web

Child advocates and moral guards oppose Webe Web Corporation’s websites, which sell photos of girls under 13 years of age.

According to Wired News, the company Webe Web Corporation was in the center of attention due to the unexpected profitability of the recently opened sites dedicated to children-photo models.

The popularity and profitability of new sites turned out to be so high that Webe Web sacrificed for their sake one of its previous businesses – the usual classic site. Its existence in parallel with the “children’s” resources caused many unhealthy associations, questions and suspicions.

Webe Web’s main business from Florida is web hosting. The idea to make a site with children’s models was born on the birthday of a 9-year-old daughter of one of the friends. Photos on the topic “Spice Girls” were posted on the Internet, and during the week the site reached 20,000 visits per day. After seeing such a demand, representatives of Webe Web decided to put the case in a big way.

This is how was created, part of which was paid for. In professionally made photos, a girl demonstrates outfits, tattoos, yoga exercises, prepares food, shows tricks, and is engaged in needlework. You can also order videotapes with all these stories.

The site has become very popular, and the company has launched several resources of the series Child Super Models. Parents began to bring their children to shoot. This is paid very well, and in many cases the income of children from photos and websites began to exceed the parental income.

Now the list of Child Super Models is quite extensive. Among the fifty sites there are Russian.

As a rule, the maximum degree of nudity that can be seen on these sites is a bikini. And of course, no WebCodePortalSystem graphic. But indefatigable voluntary censors and human rights activists see exploitation of children and the corrupting influence here. If everything is completely innocent in the free part of the websites, in paid sections, in their opinion, glaring things are happening.

For $ 25 a month on Lil ‘Amber’s website, 11-year-old Lil Amber most shamelessly makes eyes, flirtyly lifts a mini-skirt and poses in a bikini, lying on a bear’s skin. And for $ 50, you can watch a video with absolutely “terrible” things – the girl is dancing in an outfit even more outspoken than a bikini.

“Damn me, I’m really at a loss as to why someone pays for it!”, Says psychology professor Mitchell Alivein from the University of Southern California. The emotional professor also believes that people who are attracted to children “demonstrate low social skills,” and advises visitors to such sites to seek professional help.

The laws of most countries prohibit not only images where minors are involved in real sex scenes or imitating them, but also images that explicitly provoke sexual arousal. A precedent was significant in this respect, when in 1995 in Pennsylvania a man was found in prison, with whom they found (!) A video where the girl was too frankly dressed, but still without a demonstration of the genitals.

At the same time, the scandalous photographer Jock Stedes continues to successfully sell photos of naked children, despite the FBI raids, prosecutions and crowds of indignant guardians of morality. And the video on the sites of the same Child Super Models is clearly aimed at an audience prone to pedophilia.

However, pedophilia itself is not a criminal offense as a diagnosis. Despite universal condemnation, pedophiles from different countries calmly gather in organizations and open their Internet resources. For example, on the website of the Danish Pedophical Association (DPA), you can find out how “healthy” pedophilia is different from violence and child exploitation. According to the statements of this site, it turns out that this is a legitimate business and even useful for children.

Here you can calculate your degree of “love for children” using a special patented pedometric test.


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