First case of internet sleepwalking recorded in Spain

Spanish doctors reported the first case in the history of medicine when a person used the Internet in his sleep. The unconscious woman on the Internet sent out emails inviting recipients to have a drink with her and eat caviar.

The 44-year-old Spanish woman realized what had happened when one of the recipients of her letters called her the next day and said that he accepted her offer. According to researchers from the University of Toledo, whom the woman approached with her problem, she booted up a computer in a dream, went to her mail page, entered a password and sent three letters — as time showed, 2 hours after she went to bed in the evening.

All the messages that the woman sent contained many mistakes and were written in different, «jumping» font. «Come tomorrow and do something with this hellish hole. Take only wine and caviar with you,» read one of the messages.

Doctors have called the new phenomenon of sleepwalking «zzz-correspondence». “We have not previously known cases like that of our patient, who turned on the computer in her sleep, went to the Internet and entered the correct password for her mail,” says a report published in the journal Sleep Medicine.

This incident, which required the coordination of numerous complex actions in a dream, made a deep impression on the specialists. Presumably, this behavior could have caused the medicine, which the woman was taking on the advice of her doctor. In theory, sleepwalking is usually caused by stress, overexcitation, fatigue, alcohol, and certain medications (mostly sedatives). Some doctors consider sleepwalking to be a hereditary disease. Previously, experts managed to deal with cases when people in a dream cooked food, drove a car, played musical instruments, and also committed violence and even murder.


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