7% of users beat their computers

If you believe the company Ontrack Data Recovery, which specializes in the recovery of digital information, it published the results of another study, in which studied the reaction of users to unexpected disruptions in computers.

The survey was conducted from December 2004 to March 2005, about 300 people took part in the study. As it turned out, in the event of data loss, only 13 percent of respondents turn to system administrators for help. Three-quarters of the victims instead try to restore the files themselves with the help of appropriate programs. Many of these attempts, of course, end in failure, after which users pour all their anger on the “unfortunate” car.

So, about 33 percent of respondents are trying to bring the computer “to life” with heart-rending screams and curses. Approximately seven percent of users are capable of assault on computer technology. However, many of those who immediately after the failure is willing to accept the incident. At least, 38 percent of respondents gave this answer to Ontrack Data Recovery. Another 13 percent of respondents are trying to gently persuade the computer to return information.

And in some cases, the unstable operation of computers leads to sad consequences. For example, the manager of one of the restaurants was so angry with his laptop that he launched it into the fryer. After that, the laptop came into disrepair. By the way, about the same cruel treatment with the laptop of his uncle, the young man, who got in the third place of the hit parade of computer troubles. This hit parade was compiled last fall by the same company Ontrack Data Recovery.

The company Ontrack Data Recovery, specializing in the recovery of information recorded on digital media, was a kind of hit parade of computer troubles.

The first place in the list is taken by a man who has frozen a faulty hard drive in the hope of recovering valuable data. As the victim subsequently explained, he found the relevant advice on one of the websites on the Internet. The second line of the rating is taken by the user who destroyed the folders that he originally intended to save during the cleaning of the hard drive. Moreover, the “order lover” noticed his mistake only after emptying the basket and defragmentation. The owner of the laptop closes the three leaders, in whose work unexpectedly failures began to arise. It turned out that for the constant appearance of “blue screens” a man should thank his nephew, in the literal sense of the word, who beat the laptop for being too thoughtful.

The fourth place of the charts belongs to the climber, whose digital camera crashed when falling from a height of about 5700 meters. This is followed by a medical professional who had to re-enter information about 1200 clients only because a lightning bolt struck the institution’s transformer booth. The sixth place was rightfully won over by a couple who had forgotten to save hundreds of photos of their three-month-old baby before reinstalling the operating system. The seventh line of the Ontrack charts is occupied by the builders who stored the drawings of the designs in the laptop. This laptop was broken by a fallen metal beam. The man who flushed his laptop down the toilet for unstable work got into eighth place in the “honorary” list. Finally, the ninth and tenth places belong to two more owners of laptops: the owner of the first forgot the computer on the roof of the car, and the owner of the second inexplicably destroyed the device during the take-off of the plane.


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