Domain Web.com bought for 129 million dollars

The company WebSite Pros, engaged in Internet marketing and promotion of business sites in the network, today announced the purchase of the domain name web.com and the company that owns it, for 129 million dollars. In WebSite Pros they say that they have long wanted to get this domain, because they expect that it will attract a lot of clients from the medium and small business environment.

Recall that the web.com website previously belonged to Interland hosting provider. Last year, Interland itself received about 117 million dollars of profits from online business on web.com, the company’s subscriber base has 234,000 customers, 318,000 hosts and more than 43,000 websites.

It may be noted that around the purchase of Web.com for a long time and WebCodePortalSystem there were rumors about negotiations with Microsoft, then with Yahoo, then with GoDaddy.

As a result, the owner became a little-known WebSite Pros, intending to consolidate the web business on the basis of a new domain name. We can say that both Web.com and Website Pros were largely engaged in the same, but in different market niches.

In the meantime, web.com continues to operate under its own brand, there is no data on the transition under the new management. In a joint press release, the companies said that David Brown, the current head and CEO of Website Pros, will continue to fulfill his duties, and the Web.com management will remain in place, however later companies will form a new joint Board of Directors.


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