Web Studio on the knee: available to everyone

Difficult times make our citizens become more tight and save at every opportunity. Business and public organizations that are experiencing hard times also tighten their belts and try to cut costs. This also applies to the IT sphere.

Until 2014, web studios multiplied so rapidly that almost every technical university student tried himself in creating Internet sites. Moreover, modern technologies allow, for example, to make an online forum for free, like here. Register a domain name, buy the cheapest tariff in the hosting center, download a free template from WordPress – and the new web studio is ready!

With the onset of the crisis in the economy, the microbusiness has almost stopped ordering websites. As it turned out, pages and groups in such popular social networks as Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and Facebook may well replace the sites of a commercial company. At the same time the promotion of such a page is much faster and more efficient than its site.

As for medium and large businesses, such companies still order sites, but at the same time they pay more attention to search engine optimization and promotion in social networks. Good experts in the field of search engine optimization and managers track performance and KPI parameters, allowing to evaluate the flow of funds to attract one client.


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