Web Development: How To Assess The Quality Of A Web Developer

It is often necessary to decide which partner to prefer in web development. When price and other elements overlap and deciding is difficult, quality measurement can help. Measuring quality at the grassroots level. What is the quality of the developer specifically in programming. So how do you measure and evaluate it?

Test 1: Measurement of the W3C standard
Shows how much the developer is following web standards.

To measure it, click on the following link: W3C validator The W3C Markup Validation Service. In the window that will open, enter the address of the website you want to check. After that, just click the Check button. There is a small amount of processing, and after the process, the results are displayed in the results line. If no error is found, the message is green. If errors are found, the message is red with the number of errors and the so-called warnings in yellow. The ideal option is if no errors are found. Inevitably, however, various ready-made modules are used today, which are then adjusted according to the customer, and some errors may still remain, and in addition, updates to web standards and the like may also play a role. Marketing Sharks has set a goal for itself that the number of errors in the design of the website at the moment of launching the website is 0-5. In the case of templates, up to 25 errors are still OK. However, if there are already hundreds of mistakes, it would not even suffer criticism.

Test 2: Test of Internet browsers
Indicates whether the website works in different Internet browsers.

There are many different tools available for testing, both paid and free. And it is always possible to test different browsers manually, ie by actually trying them out.

Marketing Sharks uses the Sauce Labs Cross Browser Testing, Selenium Testing, Mobile Testing | Sauce Labs as well as the manual method as needed. Tests should look at the appearance of the different browsers, ie whether all the elements are in place and whether all the functionalities are working properly.

An easier and more convenient option would be to simply try to test the website manually in different browsers.

Test 3: Equipment test
Whether the page works on different smart devices and computers. In addition, possible scalability of controls and its operation.

Various tools are also available for testing. However, the safest is to test manually.
Marketing Sharks uses a manual method here, ie tablets, smartphones and laptops. As with the browser test, the appearance and functionality should be monitored here.

Test 4: Website speed
How fast the page opens.

It is necessary to use independent sources for testing, as the speed is related to both the device itself and the location, and the speed is also affected by the ISP. In addition, the speed is affected by whether the web is developed in a ready-made design (template) or in a special design (rape solution).

Tool 1: Google Webspeed PageSpeed Insights (web.dev)
Scores 0 to 100 on a scale. The higher the number, the better. The average score is 50, and if the score tends to go down, the page is too slow and frustrates visitors. This element also indirectly affects the visibility of the website in search engines.

Tool 2: GTmetrix GTmetrix | Website Performance Testing and Monitoring
Gives grades A to E as in school. And the logic of grades is also similar to school. If you can A is all super than E is still very poor.

There are a number of different options for testing, but these are the main ones that give a small overview of the developer’s portfolio and its quality.

Test 5: Search Engine Friendly (SEO)
Is the strategic partner also knowledgeable about marketing or just a developer.

The easiest way is to guide the service provider or developer with his own services. Website creation, website development, etc. keywords in a google search and it reveals the truth. Developers who rely solely on development usually do not move in the direction that the customer receives additional benefits in the form of a website or development – for example, when using basic marketing methods such as the SEO standard and others. This, in turn, helps you choose the right partner, whether you just want a developer or a strategic partner who thinks and acts in marketing.

Test 6: Copier versus self-writer
Does the developer use the work of others in most of his work or does he create something from scratch himself?

Nowadays, the development of a website has been made quite simple in terms of administration, and it is often not necessary to write the code yourself. Beginners and inexperienced developers usually do just that. More experienced digital agencies know that quality is still in their own creation, not in the creation of others. Of course, there is no point in inventing bicycles, but for more complex and voluminous projects, it is important to solve things with your head, not with others. It is difficult for an ordinary person to check – it is easier to ask a service provider to see their more complex work.

Test 7: Has user-friendliness and design been considered
Whether the developer is a simple code writer or their team includes competent user-comfort specialists who want to get the most out of every job.

A simple experience in the first 3 seconds should create a feeling on the page that you can quickly and conveniently meet your goal on the page and you will have everything understandable and enjoyable. However, if there are pages about the work done by the developer that do not understand exactly what to do or how to get somewhere, or the buying process or contact is unpleasant – there is no convenience specialist involved and a large number of potential inquiries and purchases will not be received on this page.

Test 8: Is the project manager involved?

Is the developer all in one or is the project manager involved, who is good for the development to be completed on time and well done. As a rule, the project manager is one of the most important links in the whole process. A good project manager is the cornerstone of a successful project. This is too often an underestimated element and customers only appreciate it after a good experience. It is the responsibility of the project manager that the work does not go incomplete, that the deadline is competent, that the developers are motivated and that they do the right things in the right order – in short, a very important link. One way to validate this is to simply ask your service provider if and how they have a project manager involved.

Test 9: Is there a limit on eShop products
A high-quality digital marketer can also develop an epo with 25,000 products for good speed and user-friendliness.

The Marketing Sharks portfolio today also includes a tailor-made shop with 50,000 products. It’s a myth that you can’t create an shop with over 1,000 products for WordPress. However, it is very important that the development is done as a tailor-made solution, because the speed of the e-shop made for the finished solution can be slow for today’s impatient customer.

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