Shitty from Yandex and Direct completely fucked

I thought that I would not write more about Direct and Yandex, but today’s events finally killed me. So a few facts:

1) Half of the projects flew out of the index to hell.

2) Remaining under the tough filter “you are the last”, respectively, all projects live on traffic from Google and Rambler.

3) New projects do not take in Direct at all, 4 different sites did not take with one wording “Content does not meet the requirements of the advertising network”, which sites they like now are not at all clear.

4) Today, 3 letters came in magic text –
Unfortunately, we have to stop the participation of the following site:
– *******. ru
in the Yandex Advertising Network, due to the low quality indicators of the site.

Earned funds remain in your account.
Thus, only ONE normal site remained in the system.

In the end, I conclude – IT WAS ALL IN THE ASS. Yes, I earned a total of 10550 bucks in Yandex.Direct, having spent about 500. But I will not continue to do this garbage, and I do not advise you.

I hope that self-satisfied shit from Yandex will generally give way to the entire Google market, users will only gain from this.

Malignant Yandex and YAN

Yandex begins to tighten the nuts in the YAN. More recently, to get into the YAN did not make much effort. Now, apparently after reaching a certain number of sites, Yandex decided to get rid of the so-called “poor-quality” sites and tighten the requirements for entering the YAN.

From time to time on the Internet there are cries about the fact that the site was thrown out of the YAN because it does not correspond to the high quality of the Yandex sites. For example, St.Winnie received a ban on three sites, several sites came under filters, and another 4 sites did not pass moderation in YAN. Of course, not a single project came under either a ban or a filter, but this is only because I have no sites in the YAN. It is difficult to draw any conclusions about why the sites were banned, since very few people were scorching their projects and it was not clear what their qualities were, how they unwound, and what else stood there in parallel. But the fact remains. Yandex’s official statement on this subject can be found here.

The question is as follows. I understand that Yandex is improving its level. But after all, all these sites have already passed manual moderation. So they corresponded to the high title of the “Platform of the YAN”, whence such an overestimated self-esteem, that radically changed, that suddenly Yandex decided that all these sites are unworthy of being in the YAN. Unclear. But the fact remains. At this point, Google would start paying money normally, in electronic money, and I think many would have definitely changed their office.


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