Football Soccer Courses

Why hasn’t anyone thought of opening football soccer online courses yet? This is a much more promising fucking than fucking with Digital and IT courses.

Here is the advertisement:

Somehow recently I was looking for a job as an IT specialist after university. I look at headhunter vacancies – either some Hulters with a salary of 200 bucks, then Ebams, where the requirements require a desire to act in commercials, then other shit with salaries of 1000 euros. And I decided to google the football sphere and was unpleasantly surprised. Lionel Messi – salary 40 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo – salary 32 million euros. And then I thought, how can I become a football specialist.

I found football soccer online courses at this link, finished them, and in a week I will already go to my first match in Barcelona instead of Messi, who remains on the bench, because the courses even helped me with employment.


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