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Nowadays, online stores are becoming increasingly popular. Every day, the number of people shopping in online stores is growing steadily in direct proportion to the development and globalization of the internet network. And indeed, with the advent of online stores, shopping has become much easier. You do not need to go anywhere or go, to go around the huge territories of shops one by one in search of something necessary. It is much simpler and more pleasant, sitting in a comfortable chair in a warm home environment, scroll through the pages of online stores and choose from the variety of products exactly what you need.

Those readers who still do not quite understand what they are talking about, we will pay a couple of lines. So, an online store is a regular website, on the pages of which a range of certain goods or services is presented. Usually, before making a purchase, you are offered to register by filling out a short form. After the end of registration, you can enter the “personal account” using the registration data and start adding products to the basket. The methods of payment and delivery in each store are different, but most stores try to adhere to the standard types.

Online stores, unlike their “predecessors”, have several advantages.

These include:

Many types of payment (payment) – cash to the courier, bank transfers, payment by credit cards, electronic types of payments (Webmoney, Yandex.Money, E-gold, PayPal, etc.) and this is not a complete list.
Discount systems
The possibility of pre-ordering (booking) of goods that are not currently in stock.
E-mail notifications about new arrivals.

These are the main features of most convenience stores.

It is also worth referring to the merits of the cheapness of goods sold in online stores. This is due to the fact that the owners of online stores do not need to pay huge sums for the rental of premises, maintenance of staff and a number of other factors.

Speaking of advantages, it’s worth mentioning the disadvantages:
Terms of delivery of goods can range from several hours to several weeks or even months. The main reason for such delays is the territorial distance of your region from the location of the online store warehouse.
Lack of physical contact with the goods. You can say that you are buying a “cat in a bag”. There is no possibility to examine in more detail, examine the product close, touch, smell, etc.
Perhaps, by mistake, you can deliver not what you ordered. But the likelihood that this will happen is very small. The reason may be the simple negligence of the store employee. In the same way, a cashier in a regular store can make a mistake by breaking through the wrong amount, or the seller who sold you a foot cream instead of a face cream.

Today, among the products of online stores, the most common range of electronic goods, such as small and large household appliances, computer equipment, CDs, mobile phones. There are also a great many shops selling so-called “digital goods”, various computer programs, music, information. Far less often are shops with an assortment of clothing, furniture, food, etc.

We in the DVD online store to your attention a wide range – more than 3000 titles dvd discs in 30 categories, including: TV shows, military, cartoons, family and others. In a separate section you can find popular movies on dvd, most in demand recently.

For the convenience of finding films, you can use the search by the original title, country or language of production, the year the film was released, the director or actor.

We provide free courier delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg, subject to order at least 5 disks in Moscow and at least 3 disks in St. Petersburg. We also deliver by land or air mail to anywhere in the world.


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