Microsoft will take your domain names

Microsoft has filed two lawsuits against cybersquatters seizing domain names, the contents of the name of the company or its brands, in order to generate advertising revenue on these sites.

The first lawsuit was filed against three people who registered 324 domain names affecting the interests of Microsoft, the second – against the cyphon cybersquatter, in whose name 85 such domains are registered.

According to company representatives, in recent years, with the growth of the online advertising market, the number of domain name registrations has increased significantly, partly containing the name of the Microsoft company, which is a registered trademark. Website owners earn money from network users who type, for example, the address in the hope of getting to the Microsoft Hotmail website.

According to the Internet Identity, today there are more than 2,000 domain names containing Microsoft brands, but owned by third-party companies. As stated in Microsoft, cybersquatters face fines of up to 100 thousand dollars.


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